About Us

Mediastinct™ is a global, digital ad network providing search, video, mobile and display advertising solutions. Founded in 2012 by Samron Jude and Rohan Mehta in Hong Kong, the company also offers consultancy, web development & design services and content marketing solutions.

With the launch of 2 strategic offices in India, the acquisition of local search agency SEMP.com & a premium domain portfolio of over 300+ owned and operated websites, Mediastinct™ aims to be amongst the top internet technology providers in the world.

The Journey

  • Digital entrepreneurs Samron Jude and Rohan Mehta launch online ad network Mediastinct™ providing search-advertising solutions headquartered in Hong Kong.

  • Mediastinct™’s first Indian office opens in Mumbai, India.
    Launch of Mediastinct™’s Display and Video ad network.
    Partnering with content network iDiscern Media and launch of several Owned & Operated websites.

  • New Jersey- based search agency SEMP.com and 300+ premium domain portfolio acquired by Mediastinct™.
    Launch of Mediastinct™’s mobile ad network and digital consultancy services.

  • Mediastinct™ Digital Marketing Solutions division launched.
    Second Indian office opened in Pune.

Everything We Do

Mediastinct™ provides several services and solutions in the digital advertising space across the world.

  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Digital Consultancy
  • Internet Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Website Design
  • Creative Branding
  • e-commerce Store Front
  • ASP.NET Development
  • PHP Development
  • Mobile App Development

Our Team

Rohan Mehta
Samron Jude
Mariel Fonseca

Our Clients